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Hey guys! well, this is the finished project :D I’m really excited with the result and I want to thank each and everyone of you for helping me… YOU ROCK! 

Now, it’s time to get Riker to see it! \o/ If you have a twitter, tweet him this link :D

Riker, if you see this, well… it’s just a little project we decided to put together to let you know how special you are for all your fans. We can’t thank you enough, for everything you’ve done for each one of us; you inspire us in so many ways and have changed so many lives (PLUS! you and the rest of R5 gave us a lot of friends and an amazing Family)

We wrote ‘Just Remember To Smile, Smile, Smile :D!’ because of you, we have a big smile on our faces all the time… THANKS FOR BEING AWESOME… WE LOVE YOU ♥

we hope you like it! :D

(I’m gonna stop writing before I start rambling or something :P)

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